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At we use cookies to keep track of, for example, the goods you have added for the request. We also use cookies to obtain web statistics. We need these statistics to further develop our website. This information is not available to parties other than Eurosweet AB.

In order to use the website fully, you must accept cookies, and you do this through your browser’s settings. If you do not want to accept cookies, you can disable cookies via your browser’s security settings. However, this means that will not work as intended.

Cookies are small text files that are sent to the browser on your computer, smartphone or any other mobile device when you visit

Session cookies are temporarily created in your browser when you visit a website. When you leave the site, the session cookie is removed. Permanent cookie files remain in the browser and are activated again when you visit the site that created this particular cookie. Some cookies that we use are crucial for certain services to function properly while others are used to give you a tailor-made experience when browsing

The main purposes of Eurosweet cookies are described below.

  1. Basic cookies

These cookies are used to activate functions needed for the site’s core functions, which can remember what is in the shopping cart for requests and whether you have logged in or not on

  1. Performance Cookies

The statistics information is anonymous and is always merged with other visitors’ information and never shows any personal information that may reveal your personal identity.


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