Fairtrade is about human rights and concern for the environment. Those who grow raw materials such as cacao often know little or nothing about their rights. Fairtrade ensures that they gain better knowledge of their rights and in so doing increase their livelihoods which in turn are a way out of poverty.

In order for a product to be Fairtrade-labelled, a number of requirements in the retail chain must be met. For chocolate and sugar, the raw material price must cover the production cost and provide the opportunity for sustainable investments in the future.

Fairtrade focuses on economic, social and environmental development for growers. They gain access to a larger international market and thus increased sales. The growers receive a Fairtrade premium that is used for investments in, for example, health care, education and infrastructure in the growers’ neighborhood. The growers are informed about the ban on harmful pesticides and responsibility for, for example, ground and surface water.

More information is available at www.fairtrade.se or www.fairtrade.net 


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