Code of conduct

Our global presence demands that our employees and business partners take responsibility for themselves and for each other. We have therefore created regulations, our Code of Conduct. Everyone in our company must follow it, both employees and management. We also communicate our Code of Conduct to our business partners and expect them to follow it.

Our business principles

We must act as a reliable and honest company that lives up to its commitments. We believe in long-term business relationships where, together with our business partners, we create the basis for strong financial results, consideration for the environment and social commitment. We inform our stakeholders about our Code of Conduct as a natural part of our relationship.

Laws and regulations

In the countries where we operate, the laws and regulations of each country must be followed. We respect and comply with competition rules, environmental legislation, labor market laws, agreements and other regulations that affect our operations. We believe in long-term business relationships.


We shall not offer business partners and other stakeholders rewards or benefits that violate applicable law or reasonable and accepted business practices. We shall refrain from participating in any form of corrupt business activity and our business relationships should be characterized by impartiality.

When our Eurosweet employees are invited to events arranged by suppliers, such as factory shows and study visits, the employee’s immediate manager must approve this. Eurosweet will pay for travel and subsistence.

Neither Eurosweet nor any of our employees may receive personal gifts or services that exceed a specified level, or participate in representation beyond normal business operations.

Personal interests

Our employees should avoid getting into situations where their personal or financial interests may conflict with Eurosweets. In cases where there is a risk of such a conflict of interest, the employee shall report this to the immediate superior manager for handling the case.


In cases where we sponsor various activities, they should primarily benefit our business or our business. Sponsorship must be in accordance with the rules laid down in the decision and certification scheme. Contributions to charity can only be decided by our CEO.

Neutrality and transparency

We work for open communication with our stakeholders within the framework of the preservation of business secrets. On the issue of political parties and candidates, Eurosweet takes a neutral position. Neither the Group’s company name nor the assets of the Group may be used to promote such interests.

Human rights and working conditions

We respect international conventions on human rights. We support and respect basic human rights in our operations. We do not tolerate, under any circumstances, child labor or work performed through coercion or threats of violence.

Diversity and equal opportunities

Eurosweet recruits and provides employees with equal opportunities and treatment irrespective of gender, marital status, ethnic or national affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, religion, political views, age or disability. Diversity is encouraged at all levels of the Group.

We work actively to eliminate all forms of discriminatory treatment of employees. We pay fair wages and benefits in accordance with relevant standards in the countries where Eurosweet would operate.

A healthy and safe work environment

We aim to offer our employees a safe and healthy working environment. We strive to minimize work-related accidents and personal injuries. Eurosweet’s units will, as a minimum, strictly comply with national laws and/or collective agreements.

It is important for us to have a healthy and safe workplace. We see every case of work-related illness as a failure.

Our responsibility for the environment

In our environmental work, we strive to meet or exceed the requirements of current legislation.

Open dialogue, development and requirements

We will have an open dialogue with employees, customers, suppliers, the general public and the authorities about the Group’s environmental and energy work and continuously develop our employees in the area.

We must always consider the environmental impact before introducing new raw materials, products and production equipment. We work actively to place environmental requirements on our business partners. We constantly develop our environmental work by formulating new goals and by having a regular follow-up.

Our Code of Conduct applies to all Eurosweet employees.

Follow-up and information

The management of Eurosweet is responsible for informing and presenting the Code of Conduct’s content and significance to the organization, as well as to our business partners. Naturally, the leadership within Eurosweet should always set a good example.

Events and actions that violate our Code of Conduct must be reported to the CEO of Eurosweet.

The practical application of this code will be regularly monitored and openly communicated.

Eurosweet AB is the Nordic region’s leading advertising candy company. We develop, manufacture and market custom designed candy for companies. Our business is conducted with a constant focus on quality and development of new products.


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